The Indoor Butterball Turkey Fryer

You have probably heard all about how delicious and succulent a deep fried turkey can be. However, you have probably also heard the unfortunate stories about house fires and the dangers that can come from turkey fryers.  Well now you can get that tender, juicy turkey that everyone raves about without the dangers of a conventional fryer. When you have the Indoor Butterball Turkey Fryer you will never want to prepare another turkey in the oven again. It is versatility makes it one of the best appliances you will ever put in your kitchen cabinets. Not only can it fry a turkey to juicy perfection, it can fry, steam, or boil many of your other favorite foods as well.


So what makes this turkey fryer superior to others? Well, most importantly it is small and compact and can be used safely indoors. Rather than an open gas flame it runs on electricity with a submerged heating element reducing the risk of a Thanksgiving fire. It is also an excellent option for cooking a turkey more quickly. It can do up to a 14 pound bird in about an hour.

This amazing fryer is designed with a stainless steel outer case. Its lid folds open and features a convenient viewing window so you can check your food easily. Another great feature that puts it a notch above the rest is its porcelain lined inner pot with a drain valve that makes for ease of cleaning. You will love the filter in the lid that lets out steam but also reduces that odor that can come from deep frying.

In case you haven’t found enough reasons to make this your next kitchen appliance you may also like to know that it uses 1/3 less oil than other turkey fryers. This means healthier frying with lower fat as well as less wasted oil. This must-have fryer is also extremely easy to use with its digital timer, adjustable thermostat control, and power/ready indicator light. The specially designed cooking basket with handle and drain hook makes removing the turkey from the hot oil both simple and safe.

If you are in charge of preparing your Thanksgiving turkey this year or would enjoy eating juicy, tender, crispy fried turkey all year long you will want this to be your next kitchen appliance.

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