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indoor-turkey-fryer-french-friesIf you think the indoor Butterball turkey fryer is only for frying turkeys, you have another thing coming. This amazing kitchen tool can do so much more.

I was planning to buy a turkey fryer and, as is my wont, I searched the internet for one that would give me the best value for my money. Making my own judgment and basing on the reviews from forums and communities, I purchased the indoor Butterball turkey fryer. I haven’t regretted my decision since.

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Alternatives to Cooking Thanksgiving Turkey in the Oven

Posted November 5th, 2014. Filed under Food Fryer

The traditional oven-roasted Thanksgiving turkey has recently undergone a makeover. I’ve found ways of cooking the fowl in devices other than the oven.

Older folks may wax nostalgic reminiscing about the roast turkey on Thanksgiving dinner but not I who had to prep and cook it for three or more hours. And I’m pretty sure there are lots of harried moms out there who feel the same way. Fortunately, now there are acceptable alternatives to the customary oven-cooked Thanksgiving turkey. Deep-frying is one of them and this method has become the most popular choice. Deep-fried turkey is now a common sight at the center of every table on this very important occasion.

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Learn How to Make an Indoor Deep Fried Turkey

Posted October 27th, 2014. Filed under Food Tips

Deep frying turkey is an American tradition that began in the south. Now, families across the country love preparing turkey in fryers. In the old days it was done outside, since propane was required. Although some people tried frying turkey indoors, the method was quite dangerous.

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Take Your Turkey Fryer Tailgating

Posted October 19th, 2014. Filed under Food Fryer

Tailgate parties and turkeys – two of America’s best-loved traditions! Bring your turkey fryer to your next tailgate party and be proud of your ancestry.

Football, food and fun – what better way to describe a tailgate party? Actually, any sporting event is a good excuse for tailgating and with fall upon us, tailgate parties are inevitable as the chill wind and autumn leaves. Tailgating is a great time for bonding with friends over beer and food, and pumping up team spirit amid an energetic vibe.

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While it might be called a turkey fryer, when you purchase the Indoor Butterball Turkey Fryer you’ll have an appliance that does much more than cook a delicious, crispy turkey. What you’ll get is a deep fryer that uses minimal oil to fry a variety of meats, breaded vegetables, and even some desserts. It can also double as a steamer, so when it’s filled with water you’ll be able to cook up a healthy meal of shellfish, potatoes, and your favorite vegetable.

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The Best Side Dishes for a Fried Turkey

Posted October 10th, 2014. Filed under Food Tips

Turkey is Thanksgiving’s stellar attraction but the side dishes you serve could make you the compleat cook. Here are food that best complement the turkey. Many Americans stick to the traditional dishes of Thanksgiving, with a few variations borne out of changing tastes and times. The fried turkey has become widely popular, surpassing that of its customary roasted counterpart, because most people find it tastier and cooking time is significantly cut short. But if turkey is the occasion’s main event, its side dishes play just as vital roles in making Thanksgiving dinner an opportune time for bonding and catching up with extended family members and their lives.

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