Cleaning Your Electric Butterball Turkey Fryer

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The meal is over. You’re stuffed from all of the mashed potatoes, delicious pies, and of course the tender, juicy turkey you fried in your Electric Butterball Turkey draining-electric-turkey-fryerFryer. But now you face the daunting task of cleaning up. If you had your way you’d just hire a maid to come and clean the kitchen top to bottom. But while the men sleep in the chair or watch their favorite football team on TV, you know the cleaning will all be left to you.

Don’t worry though, even after all of the dishes are in the dishwasher and the pots and pans are soaking in the sink, cleaning your turkey fryer will be a breeze. It was designed for quick, easy clean-up so that you don’t have to spend all afternoon cleaning it and won’t have to wear a rubber apron to keep the grease stains off. When it comes time to clean your electric turkey fryer, follow these simple steps.

  1. After frying is complete, turn the appliance off and let it cool. If you used oil it can take 5 hours to cool completely, while water takes 2 hours to cool. If your oil is still fairly new and you plan to use the turkey fryer again soon, you can conveniently store the unit with the oil in it. If you cooked with water or you oil is getting old and foggy you’ll want to drain it to make room for new oil.
  2. Drain the oil – The turkey fryer comes with a spout attachment which can be connected to a valve on the side of the appliance. Make sure the valve is in the off position, remove the safety cap, and screw the valve carefully onto the spout without over tightening. You will need a container that is safe for storing or disposing of the oil. It is recommended that you drain the spent oil back into the container it came in. NEVER pour the oil down the sink. Once the container is aligned under the spout, turn the valve to drain the oil.
  3. Clean inside of fryer – The filter inside your turkey fryer is safe to wash in the dishwasher. Other inner parts such as the lid, inner pot, spout, lifting hook and basket need to be hand washed with a damp cloth or sponge and a mild dish soap. They can be submerged in a sink of soapy water but should be rinsed and completely dried before putting them back into the fryer.
  4. Clean outside of fryer – The outer parts of the fryer including the cord, shell, control panel, and heating element all need to be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. All of these parts should NEVER be submerged in water and NEVER put in the dishwasher. This will prevent damage to the fryer as well as protect you from electrical shock.

You should always practice electrical safety when using and cleaning your Butterball Turkey Fryer. Always disconnect the power cord from the outlet before cleaning or removing any parts. Also read and follow the instruction manual carefully for proper use. If you clean it frequently and use your electric turkey fryer properly you will be able to make many more delicious fried turkey meals for many years to come.

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