Learn How to Make an Indoor Deep Fried Turkey

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Deep frying turkey is an American tradition that began in the south. Now, families across the country love preparing turkey in fryers. In the old days it was done outside, since propane was required. Although some people tried frying turkey indoors, the method was quite dangerous.

Now, it’s safe to fry food indoors, thanks to the Masterbuilt Electric Indoor Fryer! This unit is completely safe and can cook average size turkeys while using just a small amount of oil. Your turkey can come out nice and moist, and you don’t have to leave your kitchen to cook it!

Keep in mind that smaller turkeys are best for frying. However, the indoor fryer can handle birds of up to fourteen pounds. For birds over ten pounds, you might want to consider frying the parts separately. The unit has indicator lights and an adjustable thermostat. It requires no propane at all! It’s built with safety features for foolproof turkey deep frying.masterbuilt-butterball-indoor-turkey-fryer-how-to

Here are a few tips for frying a butterball turkey with the indoor fryer:

  • Remove excess fat around the neck so that the oil can flow through the turkey.
  • Don’t stuff the turkey if you want to deep fry it. Cook the stuffing separately.
  • You can adjust the knob up to 375 degrees. For large turkeys, you can turn the heat all the way up (just be careful). For smaller meals, such as chicken breasts and French fries, keep the settings on minimum.
  • Keep an eye on the food by folding back the lid. You will be able to see through the window.
  • Don’t worry so much about safety: indoor electric appliance has a safety function which automatically shuts the unit off should the oil become too hot. Still, you should never leave the deep frying turkey unattended.
  • Add enough oil to fill the line. Only use certain oils for indoor frying: refined canola, peanut, rice oil, sunflower, or corn oil.
  • If you’re cooking a whole turkey, allow three minutes per pound. Stick a thermometer into the thickest part of the thigh. It should be at least 180 degrees before you even consider taking the turkey out. For bone-in turkey breast, allow six to eight minutes per pound. If you just want to cook legs or thighs, give them a total fry time of sixteen to eighteen minutes (per six pieces).

Now you have an idea of how to make turkey deep fried! If you order the Masterbuilt Indoor Fryer, be sure to check out some Butterball Turkey recipes. The unit comes with a user manual which explains all of the safety features. It’s very easy to clean. Most of the parts are removable and can be placed in the dishwasher.

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