Masterbuilt Fryers and Butterball Turkey Units

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Masterbuilt fryers are cooking devices used to prepare turkey, chicken, vegetables, desserts, etc. They can be used indoors and don’t require a lot of oil. The Turkey Fryer in particular is a great appliance that cooks perfect, juicy birds. This unit is ideal for anybody who wants to cook delicious turkey safely indoors.  It really comes in handy if you live in a cold climate. You won’t have to stand outside freezing while you prepare fried food.

The fryer only uses one-third of the oil that other cookers use. This makes the food healthier since it contains less grease. However, it’s still moist and juicy. Think of it as a small oven equipped with everything you need to prepare a great meal.

It has features such as:butterballelectricturkeyfryer

  • The ability to cook up to fourteen pounds of meat within an hour
  • An easy-to-use control panel with temperature control and a digital timer
  • A fold-away lid with a window
  • A filter and drain
  • A durable, stainless steel case that is easy to clean
  • Breakaway cord that can be stored underneath the unit

It not only looks great with its stainless steel design, it’s also built for safe use.  You won’t have to worry about the food overcooking or burning thanks to the thermostat controls and timer. Want to keep an eye on the food? Just fold the lid away and you can view the turkey through the tempered glass.

Masterbuilt fryers are compact, yet large enough to cook large dinners. You can prepare a turkey of up to fourteen pounds. It’s also easy to clean thanks to the filter and drain. These fryers are approximately 16x14x14 inches.

There are over 300 positive reviews of the Turkey Fryer on Amazon. This unit is very popular. Everyone seems to love juicy turkey fried in a Masterbuilt fryer. If you’re ever in charge of preparing a large dinner for the holidays, then you can do so quickly and efficiently with this fryer.

It’s built to be foolproof. You can place it right on your kitchen counter and cook safely.  The Turkey Fryer can be used to make other foods. The removable basket can hold a number of foods. You can order a Butterball recipe book along with the fryer.

Since it’s electric, there is no need for any propane. You won’t have to worry about an open flame. The unit plugs into a standard outlet and produces no smoke. The basket is made out of durable, stainless steel. The food is lowered down into the oil in the basket. Everything comes apart easily for cleaning and maintenance. Everything but the control module can be placed inside of a dishwasher for easy cleaning. You can simply wipe the control module down with a sponge.

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