While it might be called a turkey fryer, when you purchase the Indoor Butterball Turkey Fryer you’ll have an appliance that does much more than cook a delicious, crispy turkey. What you’ll get is a deep fryer that uses minimal oil to fry a variety of meats, breaded vegetables, and even some desserts. It can also double as a steamer, so when it’s filled with water you’ll be able to cook up a healthy meal of shellfish, potatoes, and your favorite vegetable.

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The Best Side Dishes for a Fried Turkey

Posted October 10th, 2014. Filed under Food Tips

Turkey is Thanksgiving’s stellar attraction but the side dishes you serve could make you the compleat cook. Here are food that best complement the turkey. Many Americans stick to the traditional dishes of Thanksgiving, with a few variations borne out of changing tastes and times. The fried turkey has become widely popular, surpassing that of its customary roasted counterpart, because most people find it tastier and cooking time is significantly cut short. But if turkey is the occasion’s main event, its side dishes play just as vital roles in making Thanksgiving dinner an opportune time for bonding and catching up with extended family members and their lives.

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