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Tailgate parties and turkeys – two of America’s best-loved traditions! Bring your turkey fryer to your next tailgate party and be proud of your ancestry.

Football, food and fun – what better way to describe a tailgate party? Actually, any sporting event is a good excuse for tailgating and with fall upon us, tailgate parties are inevitable as the chill wind and autumn leaves. Tailgating is a great time for bonding with friends over beer and food, and pumping up team spirit amid an energetic vibe. Wear the team colors and put up a team flag to guide tailgaters in your group to your location. Most of all, you and your friends must plan on lots of food and drinks for this most anticipated game day event.
Fry a turkety while tailgating
Tailgating staples are grilled chops and burgers, chili, salads, the ever-present nachos and dips and the can’t-do-without beer and other drinks. If you’ve had grilled food for years, try bringing your turkey fryer to your next tailgate party (this year preferably) and give the old American outdoor festivity a new twist. The turkey fryer isn’t made just for turkeys. So many other dishes you can cook in it are just right for tailgating. Finger foods like deep-fried chicken wings, doughnuts, onion rings and French fries come out perfect when cooked in a turkey fryer.

For the vegetarian tailgaters, or if you want something new for your tailgate party fare, serve up nonmeat dishes. Dredge sliced green tomatoes, zucchini sticks or mozzarella sticks in flour, dip in batter and deep-fry in the turkey fryer. The same goes for shrimps, corn dogs, funnel cakes and even strawberries. Use your creativity and imagination for a really great affair.

You can also use your turkey fryer for boiling corn, crabs, clams and mussels. Fill with water about three inches below the top of the food, bring to a boil then lower the food into the water until it is done. Serve a low country seafood boil replete with potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and shrimps.

If you have the Indoor Butterball Turkey Fryer, be sure to pack in the generator the night before. With a lid for its pot and a basket with drain clip for frying, it’s a handy equipment to use for tailgating and it feels right at home in the parking lot of the stadium. Take the necessary precautions when using it to avoid mishaps – food for frying must be dry and completely thawed if frozen, never leave the fryer while it is in use, store after using, keep children away, keep cord out of the way. Also, remember to remove the oil from the fryer after use and store it in a tightly sealed container. The Butterball turkey fryer has a drain valve at the bottom part for easy oil draining.

Start planning now. Gather your friends and collaborate as seriously on the menu as you would on a business project. List down essential non-food items – tent, chairs, a collapsible table, coolers, etc. and last but not least, the turkey fryer. And of course, the face paint!

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