Tips on Cooking Butterball Turkey with the Masterbuilt Indoor Turkey Fryer

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Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer by MasterbuiltCooking butterball turkey is easy when you have the Masterbuilt Indoor Turkey Fryer. This unit is designed for safe frying. You can cook an average size turkey in less than an hour! The fryer is completely safe to use, with its foolproof features and durable, stainless steel housing. There is no need to use propane or an open flame to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner anymore.

There are a variety of recipes you can try with this appliance: Turkey Burgers, Turkey Chili, Italian Style Turkey Cheeseburgers, etc. If you would prefer to simply fry a turkey, you can. The great thing about the Butterball Turkey Fryer is that it’s so versatile. Not only can it cook turkeys, but other dishes as well.

Another benefit is that you don’t need a lot of grease to cook a turkey. The appliance only uses a small amount of oil compared to what other cookers and grills use. With less oil, the turkeys come out a lot healthier. At the same time, they’re very delicious and moist.

Cooking a frozen whole turkey is simple, just as long as it is less than fourteen pounds. Let it thaw out by placing it, unopened, in the refrigerator. Give it 24 hours per 4 pounds. If you’re pressed for time, place it in the sink with cold tap water, and give it 30 minutes for every pound. You can stuff the turkey if you want before placing it in the fryer. When cooking with stuffing, let the stuffing get up to 165 degrees. It should be done by that point.

Here are a few more tips for cooking Butterball turkey:

  • Brush the skin with cooking spray or vegetable oil to prevent drying and to add a bit of extra flavor.
  • If you want leftovers, cook at least one pound of turkey per person.
  • Use separate cutting boards for the meat and vegetables.
  • Use a meat thermometer to keep the temperature. Stick it in the thickest part of the thigh. It must measure at around 180 – 185 degrees. As mentioned above, the stuffing should be at least 165 degrees.
  • Don’t let the juice spill onto anything. With the Masterbuilt Indoor Turkey fryer, you won’t have to worry so much about the juice since not a lot of oil is used. Still, if there is more juice than you would like, dry the bird with paper towels. Don’t use cloth.
  • Be sure to store it within two hours. Don’t ever leave a turkey out in room temperature for more than two hours!

You can use the fryer basket to cook other food. Put down some pork chops, oysters, chicken wings, French fries, Cornish hens, or some onion rings. Once again, you won’t have to use as much oil. Just put the settings on the minimum level if you want to fry up smaller meals.

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3 Responses so far

  1. Marianne Lomoriello says:

    I purchased by Masterbuild butterball deep fryer XL several years ago. I love it.
    however, I lost my instruction manuel. I have a 24 lb frest turkey, and I would like to know how many minutes per pound should I deep fry the turkey? Thank You.

  2. Libby ezzell says:

    Our turkey fryer drops from 375 degrees to 225 after putting the turkey in . Is this normal ?

    • Jessica Timmins says:

      Yes, a drop in temperature after placing the turkey in the fryer is normal. Try letting your turkey thaw to room temperature or rinsing it with lukewarm water to avoid such a drastic temperature drop.

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