Use Your Turkey Fryer for More than the Thanksgiving Meal

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While it might be called a turkey fryer, when you purchase the Indoor Butterball Turkey Fryer you’ll have an appliance that does much more than cook a delicious, crispy turkey. What you’ll get is a deep fryer that uses minimal oil to fry a variety of meats, breaded vegetables, and even some desserts. It can also double as a steamer, so when it’s filled with water you’ll be able to cook up a healthy meal of shellfish, potatoes, and your favorite vegetable.

There are lots of recipes available in cookbooks or online that help you prepare foods and give the best directions for frying them to perfection. When you order the Butterball Turkey Fryer you’ll also get some instructions and ideas for recommended foods to fry or steam. Depending on your cooking preferences you’ll be able to find healthy options as well as recipes for every meal of the day from breakfast, to appetizers, even some desserts.


There aren’t a lot of options for breakfast foods to cook in your turkey fryer. After all, fried eggs generally just require a skillet and a little butter. However, some of the crispiest bacon you’ve ever tasted can be made in the hot oil of your fryer. And many times it’s healthier than the slices you make in a pan because you’re cooking in healthier oil than the grease that comes from the bacon fat. A deep fryer can also be used to make delicious, crisply doughnuts with a little homemade dough and a covering of sugar.


Appetizers tend to be one of the most popular foods to cook in your turkey fryer, aside from the turkey of course. Everything from breaded mushrooms to chicken strips, fried cheese curds, jalapeño poppers or fried pickles. Any food that can be breaded with a crunchy outer coating and dipped in ranch dressing makes a great pre-cursor to any meal or if you prefer, a midnight snack. Whether you make your appetizers from scratch or buy the frozen kind, they’ll all taste good coming out of hot peanut oil.


Your lunch and dinner options are probably the most diverse group of foods for preparing in your fryer. The main dish as well as any sides including potatoes or a vegetable can all be prepared in either an oil of your choice or by filling the fryer with water. Craving seafood? Many types of fish taste great with some breading and then fried in peanut or canola oil. Going for a healthier option? Try some fresh crab legs or lobster steamed and boiled in hot water. The fryer can be set to the perfect temperature for preparing any of these foods.


That’s right, even your favorite course of any meal can be prepared in your Butterball Turkey Fryer. With a little pancake batter or sweet breading, you can cover some of your favorite desserts like Oreo cookies, Snicker bars, or balls of cookie dough and dip them in hot oil. You’ll get a hot gooey center, with a sweet crunchy coating, a perfect dessert.

Once you buy your indoor Butterball Turkey fryer you’ll never need another small appliance for cooking a fantastic meal again. Its versatility and compact size make it a must-have for any food connoisseur.

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